Financially Strong Circle

Does this sound like you? 

I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m constantly doubting myself when it comes to money.”

“I have so much on my plate and I’ve fallen behind on my finances. I’ll never catch up.

“I’ll pay for this now even though I feel guilty. I’ll figure it out once I have more time.”

“I’ve followed a few money people online, but I just can’t relate. I feel like it’s not for people who look like me or who’ve had my life experiences.


It’s not surprising that so many people have money problems. There’s more advice and quick fixes out there than ever before, making it more difficult for you to choose what’s right for you.

No matter how hard you work or how closely you watch your money, it never feels like it’s enough. One of the most important skills you need to develop to make your finances thrive is this:

You must learn how to put the right tools to work for your specific situation – or your future is in trouble. 

If you’re not seeing the results you want from your current budget and financial goals, leaving it for later or waiting for more time is not the answer. 

If you want your money to work for you para siempre, you must learn how to apply the right method. 

I know this because 10 years ago I was you. I was doing all the things! I read tons of personal finance books and tried to implement the advice. I even became an Accredited Financial Counselor.  

But, I felt shame and guilt because I was reading all this finance stuff and still feeling like I was failing my family. 

We were in debt. We didn’t have much in our emergency savings. We even had to tap into our retirement funds a couple of times just to make ends meet. 

But then I discovered the power of my money story and I said ya basta. I changed the way I thought about money and realized my thinking had kept me stuck, overwhelmed, fearful – and this close to broke! We were barely getting by.

After changing my mindset I took complete control of my family’s money. 

Every day, this mindset and the steps I took to take control of my dinero help me take care of my kids, my family, and my community. 

I am the reina of my dinero

What does that mean? Well, to be a reina of your dinero means:

  • You’re a leader for your family. You’re calm and confident about your money.
  • You know how to communicate what you need. You’ll learn those fancy finance words and actually know how to use them to manage your dinero with ease. 
  • You recognize good advice when you hear it and you’re ready to make decisions when opportunity strikes. 
  • You learn how to take ownership of your life. You know you’re responsible for your life and you know how to take action to make the best decisions for you and your family. 

And this is exactly what I want you to become. 

This is why I sat down and created Financially Strong Circle. It’s a members-only community where I show you step by step how to discover the right approach to money. 

This could be you if you join…

“Mentally I was ready to tackle my debt, but I didn’t have a plan. After working with Jen for 4 months, my debt went down by $4,000 (it was only going down by $300 each month before).” - Diana Carolina 

“I had just finished my debt repayment journey, but I wasn’t sure what to do next. With the help of Jen and her community, I found the direction to take my finances, and I got the tools and accountability I needed to make it happen.” - Christina Gunn

“Now I have more confidence in all aspects of life. Jen’s program keeps me in the right direction at my own pace. I’m taking control of my money and can enjoy spending it without the guilt I felt in the past.” - Susanna Huse

Financially Strong Circle is an online membership program designed to get you on the right track with your finances by engaging with other women who have a similar money story and frustrations. 

By joining the program, you’ll …

  • Gain the confidence to make the right money moves
  • Connect with like-minded mujeres 
  • Get guidance from a fellow Latina who understands your needs
  • Stay on the right track with your financial goals with weekly accountability
  • Get monthly calls with me and other financial experts to help you discover different approaches to money that are perfect for your situation

What’s Inside?

Each section of the membership and all materials are available immediately. The core materials include:

  • The Reina Dinero Assessment. Get clear about your money priorities so you can get on the right track. 
  • Choose Your Dinero Challenge. Start taking the simple steps to save or track your money.
  • Quick Financial Wins. Start making the right money moves from Day 1 to grow your confidence around money. 
  • Monthly Call Recordings. Listen in on past monthly calls with me and other financial experts.
  • Money Headquarters Library. Learn how to track your goals so you stay on track with your dinero. 
  • Recommended Resources. Get tailored resources for your exact needs including podcast episodes that provide insight on saving, debt, and budgeting. 

Sign up now and you’ll also get these exclusive bonuses:

  • Budgeting Bonus Kit [ $190 total value]
    • Pre-Budgeting 101: The Steps No One is Talking About [$67 value]
    • Budgeting Starter Kit [$37 value]
    • Kickstart and Finally Win with Budgeting [$67 value]
    • Dream Budget Worksheet  [$20 value]
  • Money Matters Bonus Kit [$125 total value]
    • PDF-version of my book, Her Money Matters: The Missing Truths From Traditional Money Advice [$15 value]
    • Virtual Envelope System Masterclass [$67 value]
    • 5 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Money Confidence Cheat Sheet [$20 value]
    • Side Hustle Game Plan [$25 value]

Financially Strong Circle is a no-contract monthly membership. My hope is that your life is forever changed by the materials. But, if you don’t find value, you can cancel your membership anytime

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