Daily Dinero Ritual

Your mindset is your most powerful tool for getting your hard-earned dinero to do what you need it to. 

It’s your first step in becoming the Reina of your money. 

Don’t overwhelm yourself with complicated budgets or feel like you’re behind because no sabes nada about trading stocks. That’s not what your money needs to be about anyway! 

Get your mindset right. Get your money right. 

You can have all the financial training in the world, know all the fancy words to use, and buy the expensive tools to track your money. But that means nothing. 

What happens if you jump right into budgeting and skip the mindset work? Well, you tell me. 

Have you ever had these thoughts:

  • I don’t know what I’m doing
  • I’m behind in my finances and I’ll never catch up
  • I’m not smart enough to figure this out 
  • I have to be grateful for what I have – wanting more is greedy
  • I need to make more money but I’m so tired already

You don’t have to live in this cycle of “never enough.” 

Let me hold your hand for the next 7 days so you can get unstuck from your bad money stories. 

I’ll show you how to instantly change your money mindset so you can pay off debt, save for your kids’ future, and maybe indulge a little and give yourself the royal treatment like the reina you are! 

Imagine being able to say…

  •  We have the money to pay for that family beach vacation
  •  I have the right tools to sit down and deal with my money ahora
  •  Don’t worry, son – we have the money set aside for college
  •  Wow, that sounds like an amazing experience – sign us up!
  •  I help take care of my parents – they live a full, happy life

“After working with Jen, I finally have a sense of optimism when it comes to money and a Money Plan that is making a real difference for my family.” - Laura Harris

That’s the kind of money mindset you’ll start having when you use the Daily Dinero Ritual worksheet. Even if you have no idea how to set up a budget or what all the fancy finance words mean, you’ll have the right mindset to take the next step. 

In this easy-to-use daily worksheet, you’ll learn how to…

  • Bust through limiting beliefs you have around money
  • Reframe your view on how you earned, spent, and saved money each day
  • Recognize where you’re holding yourself back when it comes to money
  • Understand where you are today with your money

Ready to take a key step to make sure your dinero is the easiest thing you have to deal with?

1 Module

Let's Do This!

Learn how to use your copy of the Daily Dinero Ritual so you can 

  • Celebrate that win you are darn proud of 
  • Stay present to your current money focus
  • Acknowledge your top money strengths
  • Strengthen that money mindset
  • Love yourself more (because you are amazing!)


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