[Mini-Class]Pre-Budgeting 101: The Steps No One Is Talking About


Get ahead of the game and stop staying stuck when it comes to gaining control of your money and budget. 

At the end of this mini-class you will:

  • Understand the real purpose of budgeting
  • Know the myths
  • Figure out which budgeting stage you fall in
  • Pick the tool you will be consistent 
  • Know how to do your deep dive so you can start budgeting and stick to it this time!

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The Pre-Work and Deep Dive

2 Lessons

This mini-class includes:

  • An audio lesson addressing the pre-work you need to do
  • A video lesson that will show you how to implement the deep dive
  • AND a spreadsheet tool to help you gather all the information you need (found with the video lesson)